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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WaveXtend supports Fan Engagement at soccer club PSV

CRM excellence has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM at soccer club PSV almost ten years ago and together they extended the scope and the utilization of the system ever since.

At a certain point the WaveXtend solution, Database Marketing Manager, was added to the system to extend the possibilities for calculations, marketing automation and scheduled tasks. The case below gives an example of how they benefit fully from the use of WaveXtend.

 Soccer club PSV has a huge amount of fans with a great variety in age and type of fan. There are fans who will come to the match with their families or friends while others use the match as an ability to invite business partners or customers. There are diehard fans who never miss out on a match while others come in every now and then. PSV has the ambition to get to know all these fans so they can address and engage them on an appropriate way that fits their preferences.

 To support this ambition CRM excellence implemented Microsoft CRM as a central place to register fans of all different kinds and make them visible within the entire organization. The department of Fan Marketing, which addresses the private fans in particular, wants to engage fans of different ages all in a specific way. The Phoxy Club is the kids club for children from the moment they are born and has a long history. Later on a new membership was introduced in between Phoxy and grown up fans called FC PSV, to meet the needs of fans from the age of seven to thirteen, who feel too old for the little kids stuff. Within these memberships PSV defines different segments of fans based on the age of a fan, even ages counted in months, for specific mailings, letters and gifts. Delivery of these attentions happen on a weekly basis and demand perfect control and timing of target groups and fan data.

 To gain the necessary control and support employees in their daily work they chose WaveXtend as an additional solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and implemented  Database Marketing Manager (Data Manipulation Framework as well as the List Manager). Meanwhile it’s been used for a variety of tasks and supports several departments.

 A great example of the way WaveXtend is used to support the needs of PSV is the handling of presents and birthday cards for the youngest fans who are members of the Phoxy Club or FC PSV. The main challenges for these handling are:

  1. to obtain accurate data at the right moment
  2. to apply the appropriate criteria and filters for the different segments
  3. to prepare the marketing lists for sending at the right time

 Here’s how they met these challenges.

 Obtain accurate data at the right moment

The Data Manipulation Framework is used to calculate and manipulate fields with age, next birthday, age in months, age to follow and also performs checks on the state of memberships. WaveXtend has a very clever schedule that can be used to time and repeat calculations at a chosen moment and interval. These moments can also be planned during night time, therefore bulk operations don’t have to bother active users during day time and at the same time the nightly operation guarantees accurate data in the morning. 

Setting up lists for sending presents

PSV sends presents to the youngest fans who reach certain ages, calculated in months. When the ages in months change as a result of the nightly calculation, a workflow rule is triggered. This workflow checks if it’s the right age to receive a present and if that is the case, then the person will be added to a certain marketing list. Every night persons will be added to the list for sending presents and when PSV decides to send the presents, all lists will be cleared and the process continues with new added persons.

Setting up lists for sending birthday greetings

This is organised in a slightly different way. Every week at Friday the WaveXtend scheduler refreshes all the lists for sending birthday greetings to prepare for the next week. This is done using the List Manager. List Manager copies the way you would fill a list manually, for example first you clear the list and add persons with certain criteria, than you remove some persons and in the end you evaluate all existing ones. A refresh means that all these selection steps are being processed in the given order. PSV sends different cards to fans according to their age and therefore lots of lists are needed for this process. There is a basic list for each day PSV sends cards, this is Monday till Friday. All specific lists start with clear all persons and add the persons who are in the basic list. In the next steps each list is prepared to keep only the persons of a certain age. During the week all cards are sent and the next Friday the process starts again through the scheduler.

Comfort and consistent

The way the processes are managed, people don’t need to worry about making the selections, using the appropriate criteria or being on time. The system does all that. Lists are already prepared at the moment they are needed and it happens always the same way. The scheduler takes care of the timing and is never late. Therefore less time is spend on administrative tasks and people at PSV have more time to care for their fans.

An overall case description (in Dutch) of the CRM implementation  at soccer club PSV is available at the CRM excellence website.


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