WaveXtend Customer and Partner References

The Dutch Red Cross uses the WaveXtend Solutions for all fund raising activities since the summer of 2010. And is an official Microsoft Reference Case for WaveXtend. The Red Cross uses both Data Manipulation Framework and List Manager in Dynamics CRM 4.0

More than one million contacts and a couple of hundred  profiling metrics are updated every night on a database with more than one billion transaction records. Furthermore the Red Cross automatically processes more than hundred marketing lists to prepare fund raising campaigns.

Leo van de Zalm, Manager individual fundraising and marketing intelligence:

“Wavextend has successfully developed and implemented custom made software within the CRM system of the Netherlands Red Cross, which offers us a more flexible way of creating marketing lists.We consider them as a reliable and creative partner.”

CRM excellence has implemented Data Manipulation Framework and Database Marketing Manager at a professional Dutch Soccer Club.

Douwe Deinum managing director of CRM excellence:

 "By using WaveXtend we are capable to automate the (e-) marketing process to a high degree, which leads to an enormous efficiency improvement. Crucial (control) variables are continuously available that helps automating all kinds of scheduled marketing jobs. Marketing jobs for various and different target groups, even interrelated ones.  This results in providing real (automated) added value for all target groups, based on their needs and desires of the individuals and at a time that suits them. Because of this an important achievement was delivered: our customer earned time and resources to perform specific tailor-made services that addressed and surprised here customers. Our customer is now really capable of becoming one of the most customer oriented soccer organization in The Netherlands. You really experience the added value as a supporter. This was one of the goals that we wanted to achieve. " 

Cherry-T has implemented our solutions at Make a Wish, a Dutch charitable organization.

After a period of about 11 months preparation Make a Wish Nederland has moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the beginning of December. The CRM system covers the entire primary process of the organization, consisting of  Fundraising, Volunteer Management and Wish management. To realize this enormous effort the project team was supported by  Cherry-T, a CRM partner specialised in charitable organizations.
Creating to needed system setup the Wavextend Data Manipulation Framework played a vital role. The Wavextend Data Manipulation Framework played a vital role in the implementation of the user requirements. All in all about 200 calculated attributes were created to update information and more important generate all kind of performance information. As a result of this the management team now has a vast grip on the entire primary process.

Jan Kees Hage, managing partner of Cherry-T:

"it’s hard to imagine how we would have been able to realize the current system, without the use of  Wavextend Data Manipulation Framework. Especially when you look at the pace in which we were able to configure the system. This saves time and money, which is very important to us, looking to the industry we are working in". 

CRM Excellence

Some other examples of the applicaton of Data Manipulation Framework and Database Marketing Manager at our Customers:

  • Job Seeker profiling.
  • Service Level Management.
  • Marketing Automation
  • Quote and Invoice Calculation.
  • Opportunity Pipeline Calculation.
  • Address line formatting
  • Chemical Samplecomparison.
  • Contract renewal expiration Management.
  • Grants Management.

These examples come from real cases at large and small customers from different industries that have implemented Data Manipulation Framework and List Manager. We will provide references upon request.