Customization Assistant Introduction

Customization Assistant offers Dynamics CRM Partner consultants the ability to edit the CRM data model (entities, attributes, relationships, picklists and views) in Excel. 

Furthermore Customization Assistant will allow to perform complex attribute customizations like : bulk edit properties, bulk delete attrbutes, bulk copy attributes to another entity, change data type, rename attribute, rename (global) option set. 

The advantages:

  1. Less time and effort spend on customizing the Dynamics CRM  data model.
  2. More flexibility in the custom data model structure of Dynamics CRM.
  3. Easier documentation.
  4. Faster redeployment of data model customization changes.
  5. The ability to save changes to a version control system.
  6. Junior application consultants can perform complex tasks that would normally require a senior consultant.

Customization Assistant is priced per consultant  and can be used for many customer implementations.